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Crockers for retail, e-commerce, photographers and private individuals in top quality. The delivery of the cropped images takes place by default as . PNG file with transparent background. If you want a different file format, please enter this under “Information and Options”. There you also have the possibility to select other options, such as the creation of shadows and reflections, the removal of dust and scratches, as well as the correction of the exposure, for editing.

For larger quantities, please contact us.

  • If no special instructions are required, leave the field blank. You will then receive cutouts as .PNG with a transparent background.

    If you want to send a picture as a sample, please upload it here.

    • (max file size 512 MB)

    Select the desired output format

    Enter the desired output format.

    If not "transparent", choose a background color


    If desired, we can also make product image retouching.

    Enter the value for the shadow cast. 1 "left," 5 "center", 9 "right"

    Specify the mirroring value. 1 "left," 5 "center", 9 "right"

    Enter the desired size in pixels (max. 6) z. B. 1200x780,2400x1560, ...

    Brightness +/-

    Contrast +/-

    Saturation +/-


Clippings for online retailers, photographers as well as for all those who need objects in pictures exempted. For further processing in online shops, Amazon, ebay, TaoBao, Tmall, catalogues, photomontages, posters, brochures, etc.

We deliver the clippers in every possible image format with a manually laid path. Additional options such as drop shadow, mirror effect are optional. We also do the resizing and create the desired image format. Fingerprints on the objects as well as dust and scratches on the exposed elements are removed, if desired, at the same time.

The images are available as a .png with a transparent background. If you want a different format, please specify this when ordering. Delivery takes place within 24 hours as a download in a ZIP file. If you need to go fast, select the “Express” option. You will then receive the images back within 8 hours.

The prices for crops depend on the quantity. These can be found in the table. If you regularly have large quantities of clippers, please contact our support via the tab “Retouching Request”.


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Product image Crop Upload

First, select the images you want to edit. To do this, click on the field for the image upload and mark the photos on your data carrier.

When all images are selected, click Upload Images. After uploading the pictures, you have the possibility to delete possibly incorrectly selected images or to add further recordings to the set.

Under Info & Options, specify any additional retouching instructions that you want to perform in addition to cropping.

If the selected image material is complete and correct, place the order in the shopping cart. You can then view the loaded images again in the shopping cart.

The further process is typical online shop. Go to checkout. Enter your details and select Payment Method. Currently, bank transfer and PayPal are available.

After completion of the order, as well as receipt of the payment, the processing takes place. This usually takes 24 hours. For urgent work, you have the option of selecting Express Image Editing under “Info & Options”.

As soon as the image editing is complete, you will receive an e-mail and can download the finished clippers in your account.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support under “Contact”.